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*blinks, with more skill and strength* - Path of the Spiky-haired Dude [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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*blinks, with more skill and strength* [Jun. 25th, 2004|11:22 pm]
[mood |indescribableclose in flavour to Nyquil]
[music |the warm side of someone's aircon... slush slush, fan fan!]

Being a little sick makes writing in foreign languages hard, because your body has several fronts to fight on, and the thinking part is no longer mission control. You do not know this, all you know is that your brain is swimming in a pool of Nyquil that you did not order, and your work is stirring up that very Nyquil.

That said, today was pretty cool. I found out that Brazilian restaurants around the world serve a lot of beef, and with real steak knives, and forks, which you can use to cut away the gristle! I decided to ignore whether or not you were supposed to eat said, and ate only lean today. It was refreshing to eat food that was designed to be eaten without chopsticks, to actually be stacked onto a fork. It also tasted reeeeally good, especially the water-chestnut salad in OJ.

And now that I've stopped working, my brain is fine!

[User Picture]From: elfie_chan
2004-06-25 11:05 pm (UTC)
*snugs you* I hope you feel better soon!
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