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The shadow knows... Mhmhmhahahahahaa! [Aug. 23rd, 2008|05:56 am]
[mood |calmcalm]
[music |PMMP- Kesäkaverit, PMMP- Matkalaulu, PSYDOLL- [Machinery Lemmings]]

I want to make sundials.  Mostly to expel into form my angst about political decisions with respect to the measurement of time that I developed in China and were reinforced by the recent Daylight Savings tweak by our unpopular leader.  But also because so many are like geometric proofs of the time, and indeed that there are so many forms of valid sundial .
  ...Apparently if I make a sundial, I will have become a "dialist." Now that sounds zhuanmen, it sounds niubi.  It also sounds nerdy.  Ah well, wherever the jock-nerd power pendulum lies, a nerd badge is an honor to accept.

Finnish pop music I like better than much.

[User Picture]From: madrona
2008-08-24 04:53 am (UTC)

Vorlon voice

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From: ntchwai
2008-08-25 08:52 am (UTC)

Re: Vorlon voice

Well, who do you know speaks Chinese? 让你猜三次,前两次不算.
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From: ntchwai
2008-08-26 02:40 am (UTC)

Re: Vorlon voice

Ouch... was I supposed to use my Shadow voice instead of my Reconstructionist: Vorlon voice?
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